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Gabriella Steed

A common myth across the talent landscape (especially in this market) is that with more available talent, hiring becomes easier. And sure, while it may seem logical that a larger pool of candidates would simplify the hiring process, the reality often proves otherwise.

The abundance of available talent brings its own set of challenges, including the overwhelming task of sifting through numerous applications, assessing candidates’ capabilities, and identifying the golden fit for an organisation. But this is where we come in… partnering with a trusted recruitment agency in this respect is game-changing! By leveraging the expertise and resources of a reputable agency, start-ups and established global brands can navigate through the sea of talent more effectively and efficiently.

So if you’re a business looking to drive scale within your Talent and/or People function and you’re deciding whether or not you should partner with an agency to resolve your hiring hassles, this article aims to delve deeper into the many reasons why brining an agency on board will support streamline your hiring efforts.

Saves Time

According to LinkedIn, the average length of the hiring process is 36 days. Now this may vary according to industry, organisational needs, level of seniority and contract type, but more of less just over a month. For the purpose of comparison, we’ve conducted an analysis on the average time it takes us as an agency to fill open roles across the Talent & People Landscape, which sits between 10 – 15 days.

The beauty here is that hiring managers gain almost immediate access to carefully vetted, qualified candidates in a timely manner, significantly speeding up the hiring process and reducing the burden of sifting through numerous applications. Recruitment agencies have vast networks of qualified candidates across varying levels of seniority, which are maintained and nurtured. This means we’re able to leverage these networks, identify those that match your company’s requirements whilst taking into account your mission, values, culture and role requirements…relatively quickly. I would advise understanding how exactly an agency will collaborate with you in order to minimalise a reactive approach to hiring and increase focus on a strategic ‘search partner’ collaboration.

Saves Money

Now this one seems counterintuitive, right? But it’s true! And there are many reasons why. Firstly, the cliché… time is money. Your partnership will allow you to allocate more time towards BAU and less time on the actual recruitment process (sourcing/initial candidate screening/ candidate availability). According to LinkedIn, internal recruiters often spend 13 hours a week dedicated to one single role. Now let’s say you’re in a fortunate position of scaling across business units, however you also are managing other projects that require your attention… that’s a ridiculous amount of time spent on sourcing, neglecting other key initiatives to help your business move forward. Partnering with an agency in this respect will save you money as you avoid a loss of productivity over other projects when scaling your business.

Costs are also lowered through better scalability. Let’s say your business is experiencing a peak in sales or you’re embarking on a new project which requires the temporary appointment of immediate skills. Partnering with a trusted agency can help you scale fast, allowing you with immediate access to both passive and active candidates suitable for your business at this point of growth.

Aside from being your dedicated search partner, partnering with a recruitment agency will allow you access to salary benchmarking information, vital for you to remain as a competitive employer. If you do have budgets in place, it’s important that there is complete transparency, ensuring all parties are aligned as well as saving you time receiving profiles of those who may be outside of your allocated budget.

Consultative approach

Partnering with a specialised recruitment agency allows you to tap into the specialist knowledge that your in-house talent partners may not necessarily have access to. In-house talent partners will usually cover roles across various business units, however if you’re looking to specifically scale your Talent/People function, you will require market intel in order to do this most effectively. Alderson James live and breathe People & Talent, it’s our thing! We have targeted knowledge on this specific job market segment. You will gain access to valuable insights and useful advice that can help you identify and attract top tier talent as well as remain as a competitive employer of choice. Cliché hits again… knowledge really equals power!

Quality of candidates

Collaborating with an agency will significantly improve the quality of candidates within your hiring process. Agencies are specialised search partners; we are professionally trained to assess candidates according to your overall business needs and role requirements. But let’s explore exactly what quality means in this respect and how agencies achieve this:

Diverse talent pools | Diversity is key. It’s no longer a ‘buzzword’, it’s now fundamental to an organisation’s growth and success. Specialist recruitment agencies have extensive networks of candidates including passive job seekers, who may not be actively applying for roles. This in turn widens your talent pool, increasing your chances of finding skilled, experienced, and diverse candidates.

Pre-screening & candidate assessment | Before candidates are presented for opportunities, they are thoroughly assessed in terms of qualifications, skills, experience, and culture fit. Important to mention here, some agencies will take a reactive approach, and will fire across profiles that may not necessarily take into account the specific role requirements and overall growth plans of the business. Top quality search partners, however, will usually stick to a rule of five, sending 5 carefully vetted candidates over for consideration, increasing your QoH.

Employer branding and representation | Search partners will live and breathe your company story. We become your brand ambassador, ensuring that candidates are aware of all the juicy details they need to know to make an informed decision. We not only provide a consultive approach to our clients, however also to our candidates ensuring an excellent candidate experience on your behalf. With the right information in place, you will gain more access to top quality candidates who already have an awareness of your brand, role requirements and business direction before an initial interview has even taken place! 

Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments, contact me on [email protected]

Gabriella is a MSc graduate in Clinical Psychology from London, who has worked within the Recruitment and Talent Acquisition industry for 5 years. Topics of interest surround Global Talent Trends including but not limited to Company Culture, the Candidate Experience, Diversity and Inclusion, Employee Well-being and many more! Gabriella holds a deep interest into Psychology and Human behaviour and how these can be best applied to the world of work.

Alderson James is a specialist recruiting agency working in the Talent Acquisition, HR and People Operations space. We work with VC-Backed Start-ups and Scaleups across Technology, Media, Life Sciences/Health, Ecommerce, Energy, Mobility, Finance and Banking – as well as a selection of Global Brands.

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