The Beatles - All you need is love

All you need is love…

“You’ve gotta love Recruitment…” is a slogan we’ve used here at Alderson James London to support a lot of our marketing material, and one that several people have commented on – both positively and negatively. Truth be told; when I decided to write it on some of our collateral for the first time, I cringed a little – wondering about the reception it would receive, as it could be seen as more than a little bit cheesy.. And I concede it is a little bit. But 10 years working as a Rec2Rec has given me a uniquely privileged insight into the emotional compass of a huge demographic within the Recruitment industry, and at times I’ve felt more like an Agony Uncle or a Shrink to my candidates (and clients!) than a Recruiter or Agent.

That aside, we chose the phrase as it felt apt as a message to support what we do. Recruiting on behalf of Recruitment agencies and acting as Talent Agents for both experienced and entry-level recruiters I surmised that “loving” Recruitment is something really quite necessary in order to be successful within the industry. I have to point out here that, although I personally have been known to have a bit of a whinge about it, I do indeed love recruitment and am pretty sure that I’m not about to fall out of love with it any time soon.

Awwwww, that’s nice isn’t it? Get me a bucket, perhaps?

Conversations I have had with Recruiters as recently as Saturday just gone, where I bumped into a University friend and fellow Recruitment ten-yearer, make me ponder on parallels that a career on Recruitment has with other aspects of life. He’s actually just got out of the Agency-side having worked in a major corporate brand for the last ten years where he has progressed to Divisional Director level. What I found odd is that he said that contrary to where he now works, he would look around the Recruitment firm he worked for and see nothing but people who were bloody miserable about being there for the most part. It’s a weird one, but I wonder whether people in other careers than Recruitment have the same higgledy-piggledy emotional relationship with the industries they work in?

Looking for “real-life”comparisons I thought about things like which sports team you follow, and found that there is a lot of synergy there – for me anyway as a dedicated supporter of Everton FC (cue the departure of any Liverpool supporting reader at this stage). Naturally, depending on results, some weeks I am totally smitten with them, but they always frustrate me whether the team play well or badly – familiarity catalyses a scenario of contrapuntal joy and despair. Boy do I love to have a moan about them, though.

Then there’s the obvious relationship comparison that can be made with your partner; wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband, or otherwise… Although how much I want to make public any specifics here, not wanting to find myself in the doghouse, I think there are really clear similarities! One day Recruitment can have your spirits soaring, then the next be smashing your face into a dirty puddle… Speaking metaphorically here of course.

My wife has never put my face in a puddle. Well not yet anyway – although this may change when I get home tonight…

Things that we are passionate about, are the things that we whinge about the most, quite clearly – and maybe recruitment is one of a unique seam of professions or career choices that a person can make, that can stir so much emotion up.

What is it about Recruitment that makes us who work in it have such a love-hate relationship with it? For my part it’s because it is a profession where you have to put real dedication and craftsmanship into your endeavours – and ultimately the only person or entity that has any control over how well you can do is, well… you. While the support and promotion of the company you work for is a significant variable with an obvious multiplier effect on the service you can be responsible for as a Recruiter; it is you, and only you, that really can make the required impact on what you do. So it stands to reason to choose somewhere to work where you’re going to feel more able to spend time loving what you do.

If you’re working Recruitment, it’s probably a good idea to put some love into it.

Since I started my career, or love affair (puke), with the industry I’ve achieved some great things and I have seen significant advances in the way that recruitment is done and I believe that the service that good Recruitment practice provides is something that should be loved by everyone – client, candidate, and of course the recruiter who has provided the service themselves. True care and commitment to the cause produces true quality.

When you get to the detail of it, depending on what you’re into of course, there isn’t a lot not to love. Working in an Industry that offers you the chance to progress rapidly, to earn exceptionally, to work flexibly (sometimes), to operate in a highly social environment, and that celebrates success in a way that people who work outside of the Industry often struggle to fathom – “They took your where, and you did what?!”.

Of course a career in Recruitment has its moments – but what doesn’t; especially when you’re so vested in it? The drop-outs, the KPI’s, the manager that frowns at you leaving the office on the dot, the pressure of constant and consistent performance. There are indeed challenges, but it is the things we love the most that test our emotions in the severest of ways.

Thankfully at Alderson James London we have been able to strike up, and maintain, really positive working relationships with some truly awesome Recruitment businesses in the UK, primarily, and further afield. These companies work within the most lucrative, exciting and buoyant markets – Digital, Media, Pharma, Technology, and Finance – and give their Consultants more opportunity to love their work than the typical Recruitment business.

We have worked hard to become the Top Supplier to many of our clients, and have loved spreading their message to the market. To partner with companies that can offer those who work for them opportunity to really appreciate what they do because of the grown-up, well-developed, professional yet fun environments they offer means that we love what we do.

Loving what you do, being passionate about your work, is something that can only serve to underpin strong performance, commitment and a fundamental dedication to excellence in the delivery of your duties and the dispatch of an exceptional service. If you love Recruitment, if you want to love Recruitment, and if you think you could love Recruitment – we’d love to help you out.


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