A frightened woman

Got that Sunday feeling?

Sunday Dread. You know what I mean. That AWFUL feeling you get from about 2 pm on a Sunday about Monday.

Why do we get that feeling? Maybe because we’re really hungover from a heavy weekend, perhaps we’re not feeling on form, or maybe because we really DON’T wanna go to work the next day.

It’s that last reason I wanna pick up on here. I’ve had Sunday Dread myself, it’s something that gets even WORSE when it’s not JUST the fact that you’re going to work the next day; it’s WHY you’re going to work the next day when you DON’T enjoy it one bit.

Only YOU can stop that.

A major recruitment business runs an advertising campaign offering the chance to “Love Mondays”.

How about “Love Sundays” though? Loving the lead up to the week surely helps you prepare in the right way.

Realistically not everyone LOVES their work, but when there's AMPLE opportunity to actually enjoy your job, it’s strange how many people ACCEPT rather than try to IMPROVE that situation.

I get how strong an emotion this can be in Recruitment, and the expectation on you in the industry can turn your Sunday Dread into “Sunday Terror”.

But if you feel that Terror, be reassured – it doesn’t HAVE to be like this.

Be positive and get ON with it, or be positive and get OUT of it.


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